City Hotel

City Hotel has made a name for itself as the destination for food, drinks, private functions, corporates, night clubs – pretty much any event! Over 3 levels, the venue needed to keep up with the ever changing demands of its clientele and day to day trade. To assist, Showtime’s Asher Daoud was brought in to come up with an audio, lighting and control solution to facilitate and allow the venue and its function rooms to match these client needs “QSC, Allen & Heath, Chauvet, Pioneer, Technics” and everything in between notes Asher! City Hotel transformed when management gave the go ahead for an upgraded audio and lighting (+control!) system to keep up primarily with the growing night club requirements and overall venue demands. After a successful integration of lower ground and level one, ground floor received the boost necessary and now the space offers a 6000W+ FOH QSC audio system as well as Chauvet intelligent lighting that can be customised via a touch pad light jockey control. The space now operates as one of Sydney’s most popular night clubs on Friday and Saturday nights but can easily be tuned to suit a laid back or dining setting. Multi-level integration is another key feature of the building as a whole with more QSC and an Allen & Heath iDr8 at the helm making this possible.

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