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Borrowing their sonic signature from the critically acclaimed ATH-M50x, E-Series have been designed to meet the needs of sound professionals and musicians. Introducing an all new range, the E40, E50 and E70 are made to travel from the studio to the stage.

Clarity, accuracy and balance are key features in the performance of the E-Series with a specially designed housing for maximum isolation.

The detachable cable offers durability and optimised audio performance while ensuring a custom fit and long-wearing comfort. Each model comes with its own carry case and a variety of eartips.



The super-premium ATH-E70 is the perfect choice for on-stage monitoring and mixing in the studio. It excels in accuracy and detail and with its three armature drivers offer extended response across the entire frequency range. Along with the silicone eartips, E70 also comes with Comply™ foam eartips and is priced at $699.



ATH-E50 features powerful single balanced armature drivers and excellent isolation. It’s an ideal choice for the producer on the road. E50 will retail for $299.



The ATH-E40 delivers powerful bass, balanced mids and presence in the high frequencies, offering the professional not only great performance in monitoring but also an ideal casual listening in-ear headphone. At $169 it offers great value for both.[/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]

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