Fort St High School

Established in 1849 and noted as the oldest selective high school, Fort Street has a unique place in history of the State of NSW, having educated and nurtured some of the most prominent and influential citizens in Australia. The main auditorium is characterised with hard reflective surfaces and speech, audio playback, live sound – pretty much anything audible was having difficulty being heard. Showtime Asher Daoud was contracted in to come up with a resolute solution. So, when the time came to upgrade the audio system in the main auditorium there was one trusted brand and model that Showtime recommended and subsequently installed – Martin Audio OmniLine.?

Our Solution

The OmniLine has a characteristically small footprint, dynamic dispersion range and incredible power; all key components which made these boxes an easy fit in terms of integration into Fort St High. The OmniLines are complemented by 2 x Martin AQ 215 Double 15’s, all powered via QSC with a Bi-Amp Nexia PM as the controlling DSP. The auditorium is used for a range of events including assembly’s, drama shows, bands and school discos to name a few – and everything can be heard crystal clear.

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