Allen & Heath have released two of there most outstanding mixers to date,  the SQ-5 and SQ-6. Both are driven by hugely powerful XCVI 96kHz FPGA engines and deliver class-leading high resolution audio with latency of under 0.7ms. The rack mountable SQ-5 has 16 onboard preamps and 17 faders, while the SQ-6 has 24 preamps and 25 faders. Both can be expanded to 48 inputs via remote expanders and an audio networking slot with options for Dante, Waves etc. empowers SQ for system integration, FoH/monitor splits and multitrack recording applications.

A built-in SQ-Drive makes it easy to capture high resolution 96kHz stereo and multitrack recordings direct to a USB drive. SQ can also be hooked to a PC or Mac via USB to become a plug ‘n play, Core Audio or ASIO compliant 32×32 audio interface, with MIDI and DAW control capabilities.

Allen & Heath’s DEEP processing plug-in architecture allows boutique compressor and preamp emulations to be added to the SQ mixer and embedded directly within its inputs and mix channels without adding system latency or setup hassles. SQ also features a fully integrated Automatic Mic Mixer (AMM) for handling conferences, panel talks and TV shows.

The SQ user interface marries a capacitive touchscreen with an accompanying set of illuminating rotary controls. Channel and mix layouts can be configured to fit the audio professional’s own workflow, with colour displays and custom naming on all strips. SQ-5 features 8 softkeys, while SQ-6 has four assignable rotary controls and displays in addition to 16 softkeys.

SQ is the centrepiece of a wraparound ecosystem of apps, remote I/O expanders, audio networking cards and personal mixers, multiplying the system’s expansion and integration possibilities. The SLink intelligent port connects to Allen & Heath’s 96kHz and 48kHz expanders and can link to another SQ, or even to a dLive system.

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