With live entertainment every Saturday night, a comforting, rustic-inspired interior and great outdoor dining area, Platia is the perfect place to kick back and enjoy the perfect dining experience. In line with their focus on live entertainment Showtime was called in to make the necessary recommendations on the right sound sound system and matrix management software. Naturally we inclined to QSC acoustic design series loudspeakers. These speakers offer high output and a really robust clear soundscape. Perfect for any type of live or recorded music as playback. For the speaker management system we opted for the Biamp Nexia matrix program and hardware. This system, via the RED1 wall mount user interface, allows us to select output to different parts of the restaurant, adjust volume and even any further equalization if needed as we please for different musicians that come through. The result is a balanced and pristine sound, not overpowering the ambience of the restaurant. For more on QSC acoustic design loudspeakers, please visit QSC

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