The perfect partners for StudioLive® Series III console/recorders, StudioLive Series III rack mixers can serve as simple AVB stage boxes, combination stage boxes and monitor mixers, or powerful standalone mixers. The result of ten years of R&D, the third-generation StudioLive 32R and StudioLive 24R fit in just two rackspaces (2U), while the StudioLive 16R squeezes into one rackspace (1U). All three models are fully recallable, including remote-controlled XMAX preamps. Yet despite their extensive features, these Series III rack mixers are easy to use and let you customize their workflow and operations in software to fit the way you work.

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 PreSonusStudio Live 32R

 PreSonusStudio Live 24R

PreSonusStudio Live 16R 

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