Chauvet DJ CHS-40 Medium Lighting Carry Bag

It’s a soft-sided transport bag that fits many of our most popular fixtures with a removable divider to keep multiple units packed safely in place. Convenient side pockets allow you to carry cables, clamps and other handy accessories.

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Main Features Extremely affordable, soft bag to transport many different lighting effects from show to show One removable divider create 1 or 2 separate compartments which allow greater flexibility Two internal compartments and 1 external compartment hold lots of gear for entertainers on-the-go Main compartment stores lighting fixtures and side compartment stores cables, clamps, lamps, tape and many other accessories Internally padded compartments to help secure and safeguard the fixtures during transportation Access each compartment quickly and easily to save time setting up and tearing down Convenient handle and shoulder strap offers multiple transportation options to suit different needs Compatible fixtures: Individual: Swarm 4, Radius2.0, Kinta X, Double Derby X, Fallout, Hemisphere 5, Intimidator Scan LED 100, Intimidator Scan LED 200, Circus2.0, plus many more! Multiple Fixtures: Derby X (x2), Abyss LED 2.0 (x2), J-Six (x2), Obsession LED (x2), Gobo Zoom LED (x2), ED Techno Strobe RGB (x4), LED Techno Strobe (x4), LED Shadow (x4), LX-10 (x4), LX-5 (x4), plus many more! Product Specification Compartments: 1 or 2 Weight: 0.8 kg Dimensions (internal, no divider): 330 x 330 x 355 mm