Chauvet DJ StageDesigner50 DMX Controller

The Stage Designer™ 50 takes the size of a 24-channel dimming console and the functionality of a 48- channel console and combines the two into one powerful dimming unit. The Stage Designer™ 50 has up to 8 pages with 12 scenes each and 96,000 programmable steps. The console allows the user to re-assign channels as needed and allows for MIDI input.

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Main Features 48-channel DMX-512 dimming console 8 pages with 12 scenes each yields 48 total playback faders (simultaneous playback) 96,000 programmable steps 2 programmable aux buttons Adjustable chase and fade times Re-assignable channels 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connections Built-in cross fader, dark and kill buttons MIDI in, out and thru (with file dump) Direct audio input Sequential linking or simultaneous playback of chases Override chases on the fly Beat-activation, tap sync, auto run, midi in/out 6-space (6U) rack mount Polarity selector Product Specification Power: 12VDC 500mA (external power supply: 240VAC 50Hz) Weight: 4.5kg Size: 483mm x 267mm x 89mm