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Emotion conveyed with technical perfection. This is the ideal which the Neumann microphones in the Broadcast Line have been designed to fulfill. The fine-tuning to the requirements of professional broadcast studios and the individual, functionally optimized design* ensure that these are microphones of character.

With its large-diaphragm condenser capsule and cardioid directional characteristic, the BCM 104 is ideal for the faithful reproduction of speech and music. This is due, for instance, to the frequency response that is flat up to 3 kHz and then gradually boosted in the higher frequencies. If required, internal switches can be used to compensate for the proximity effect and to reduce the sensitivity by 14 dB. The versatility of the BCM 104 can be seen in its wide range of applications, from news, to round-table discussions, to radio plays, to musical recordings.

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FEATURES Large-diaphragm condenser capsule Cardioid directional characteristic Characteristic, functionally optimized design* Integrated pop protection Integrated elastic suspension Individual headgrilles for different users Colored rings to identify the replacement headgrilles Easy removal and cleaning of microphone headgrille (with bayonet mount) Mechanical compatibility with standard studio boom arms Internal switches: high-pass and pre-attenuation