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The microphones KMS 104 D and KMS 105 D are the transition of the well-established KMS 104/105 analog microphones into the digital domain. Based on the AES42 standard, these microphones are an ideal choice for live and on-stage applications.

They provide all of the features of their analog counterparts. Additionally, they offer the advantages of the digital circuit technology, such as extended dynamic range, a more robust operation (EMC safe) and the avoidance of clipping as a result of the integrated peak limiter/ compressor.

Use of one of the digital microphone interfaces together with the Remote Control Software (RCS) permits pre-programmed settings to be stored in the microphones.

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FEATURES Neumann sound on stage Excellent transparency for vocals/speech Cardioid/Supercardioid polar pattern with excellent feedback rejection Without off-axis coloration Effective pop shielding without any side effects Set includes stand clamp The legendary Neumann sound in the digital realm. Pure Neumann capsule sound. The satisfaction of recording the uncolored original, with no “bottlenecks” between the capsule and the recording system. The guarantee of having one of the best A/D converters available. Anti-clipping processing ensures handling safety, and reduces stress. Reduced time requirements and personnel costs, particularly due to faster post production processing. Lower investment costs, since separate A/D converters and preamps are no longer needed. This also means space and weight savings (e.g. in the OB van).

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