Pioneer DJM 750



The Pioneer DJM750K Four Channel DJ Mixer is designed to give its users the familiar Pioneer DJM ergonomics and interface at a cost effective price.

The Pioneer DJM750K Four Channel DJ Mixer has various effects including the industry-first effects linked to speed of knob rotation*1 “BOOST COLOUR FX”

The “BOOST COLOUR FX” feature makes it possible to highlight exciting parts of music and add breaks, with simple controls just by intuitively rotating a single knob. The range of musical arrangements possible is expanded thanks to the ability to change parameters of effects linked to the speed of knob rotation.

The “DJM-750” includes the highly rated “SOUND COLOUR FX” from Pioneer’s DJ mixers, which can be used while switching between this feature and “BOOST COLOUR FX” to suit the music and mood.

The device is loaded with a “BEAT EFFECT” function that has 13 types of effects, and these can be combined with “BOOST COLOUR FX” and “SOUND COLOUR FX” to produce approximately 100 types of effects, enabling highly original remixes.