QSC CP8 – 8 Inch Compact Powered Loudspeaker

High performance, superior quality and lasting reliability. These are the hallmarks of the QSC brand and the reason why millions of professionals the world-over have come to trust QSC to help them confidently deliver superior experiences and memorable performances. The CP Series follows in that same tradition while also offering an ultra-compact form factor and class-leading value.



QSC CP8 – 8 inch Compact Powered Loudspeaker, the latest from QSC, introducing the CP8 from the CP series. The 1000 watt compact powered speaker is ideal for club venues, djs, performers, bands, event productions and more. Because of its compact size, the CP8 is remarkably lightweight, making it easy to load & carry. Enjoy the high performance, superior quality and lasting reliability that QSC has to offer with the new CP Series compact powered loudspeakers.

Amplifier & DSP
The 1000 Watt (peak) power module delivers ample burst and continuous power for the loudspeaker’s matching transducers. Convection cooling provides heat dissipation, even in extreme climates, while contributing no additional background noise. Carefully tailored, subtle and sophisticated dynamics processing is used to protect the drivers from damage and the performance from distortion. The result is a highly accurate and musical sound that maintains full signal integrity, even when pushed to high SPL.


  • Compact and powerful performance
  • 1000 Watt peak power Class-D amplifier module
  • Easily selected contours for commonly-used applications
  • Advanced DSP with Intrinsic Correction™ for superior sound quality and speaker protection
  • Directivity Matched Transition™ (DMT) for consistent frequency response across the entire coverage area
  • Light weight and highly portable
  • Professional appearance looks great in any application
  • Use for main PA, stage monitor, or instrument amplifier
  • 35 mm pole socket
  • Optional yoke, tote, and outdoor cover accessories
  • Complete EASE and CAD information available onlineFor more information visit – QSC Australia

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