QSC TouchMix 30 Pro | 32 Channel Compact Digital Mixer

The QSC TouchMix-30 Pro offers a total of 32 inputs, a large 10″ multi-touch screen and all round delivers powerful mixing capabilities on a professional level. Just like the TouchMix predecessors, the TouchMix-8 and TouchMix-16, the TouchMix-30 Pro is a new remarkable standard for professional compact digital mixers and will deliver professional results. It is the perfect mixer for any production professional, bands & musicians or any venue who offer live performances.

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What Makes the TouchMix-30 “Pro”?

  • A larger (10″) multi-touch screen. This larger screen provides more room for hands-on control.
  • Feedback and room tuning on demand.
  • Real-time audio analysis.
  • Advanced recording capabilities.
  • Mixing and routing capabilities.
  • Plenty of outputs for monitor mixers.
  • Wi-Fi for wireless mixing.
  • Performers can control their own monitor mix.
  • 32-channel usb audio interface.

Fully featured and powerful

  • All input channels include 4-band parametric EQ, variable high and low pass filters, gate, compressor and delay.
  • All output channels feature 1/4 octave graphic EQ, 6-band parametric EQ, variable high and low pass filters, limiter, 12-band anti feedback notch filters and delay.
  • 2x stereo headphone amps for wired in-ear monitors.
  • 8 DCA groups and 8 mute groups.
  • 8 sub groups with 6-band parametric EQ and limiter.
  • Input patch matrix.
  • Remote control with iOS or Android tables and smartphones.