QUEST Professional QM108 8″ + 1″ passive timber full-range speaker – 200W RMS

sub satellite partner for the QM1000a Flexi system or as a installation speaker for mid power nightclub and music venue distributed systems.


The QM108 ultra compact passive speaker system is an 8″ mid bass woofer 2-way satellite speaker designed for mobile sound or permanent installation. It is generally intended to be deployed as part of a multi way system with sub bass enhancement. The epoxy painted ply casing and flexible installation hardware completes this great little performer.

Pocket Rocket
These little systems are built like a brick. A substantial three quarter inch compression driver horn combination delivers 90 degree HF coverage and is well suited to the projection of live vocals. The horn can be rotated for horizontal installation. The 8″ mid/bass driver is also a solid piece of work with a die cast frame and large magnet assembly. Power handling of the QM108 is a respectable 200 watts RMS when band-passed at the correct crossover frequency. A steel speaker cable input cavity fitted with 2 x Speakon NL4 connectors also acts as a cable strain relief for added reliability. The fully recessed speaker connections are a very tidy feature for permanent installations.

Stand Alone or as a Building Block
The QM108 can function as a primary sound source or as a delay or out-fill component of a larger system. The robust build quality and powerful components mean these small boxes can deliver reasonably high sound pressure level over short to medium distances. This makes them ideal for a wide range of possible uses. A four box installation with 15” sub bass enhancement (powered by the QM1000P flexi amp), can make a bar system that sounds like a nightclub. Alternatively, when coupled with the QM1000a as a sub/satellite system, a great mobile PA. For larger or more complex environments, a distributed system of QM108 speakers can cover a wide area with uniform sound.

Installer’s Choice
Installers have time and again found the QM108 the perfect choice for venue installations. Given its Q-motion heritage of robust design, custom designed components and long lasting performance, the QM108 ensures installations are made once, do not require regular servicing and sound great.

Bracket Brilliance
The QM108 can be wall or ceiling mounted with a “U” bracket. The optional wall bracket WB-QM108/10DC can be installed on both the QM108 and QM10DC loudspeakers.