Type of Work

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Project Objective

The grand Chaldean Church recently opened its doors to a warm reception from the greater community. Opulent stained glass murials, chandeliers and a marble alter are key features in the design – The call was made to Showtime’s Asher Daoud to find a suitable audio solution that provided the church with quality clear audio whilst maintaining the look, feel and theme colours of the décor.

Our Solution

Martin OmniLine. Complementing the overall look and easily helping deliver a clear message are a L&R flown Martin Omniline system. High clear output, sleek unobtrusive design and with an off white finish, this was a simple choice for the Showtime Installs team. “They sound great and blend in seamlessly with the décor” said Mark Vesic, Head of Projects and Design. “The processing comes from 2 x Q-basis 922’s, controlled by a wireless tablet PC. A bit new school for the client but they were extremely happy with its ease of use, the look and offcourse the clarity of the output”. A huge thanks goes out to Tony, Maxwell and the team at TAG for their support in the project and coz they’re great guys in general!