Nexo PS10 Amplifier




The PS10AMP is a dedicated amplifier that allows the PS10 Loudspeaker and optional LS500 Subwoofer to achieve exceptional performance from such compact packages.

The integrated PS10 TDController provides crossover, sensed amplifier control and system equalisation optimised for the PS10 and LS500. Like all Nexo processors, the PS10AMP provides precision dynamic, voice coil temperature and diaphragm displacement protection through the use of selective Voltage Controlled Equalisers (VCEQs), reducing levels only at frequencies when and where necessary.

The PS10AMP has two inputs, L and R, and three outputs, L, R and summed LSub out. The PS10AMP Configuration switch automatically configures the unit for 2 channel mode (LSub Off), where the PS10AMP drives 2 to 4 PS10 Loudspeakers in stereo (2x 850 Watts/4 Ohms) or 3 channel mode (Lsub On), where the PS10 AMP drives 2 PS10 Loudspeakers in stereo (2 x 430 Watts/ 8 Ohms) and 1 LS500 Subwoofer (850W/ 4 Ohms) with a summed mono signal of the L+R input signals. Since the Configuration switch also rewires the output connectors and displays PS10AMP mode status with LED indicators, the PS10AMP minimises installation cost and complexity while ensuring faultless performance.


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  1. Dedicated Amplifier: Designed specifically for the PS10 Loudspeaker and optional LS500 Subwoofer, ensuring exceptional performance.
  2. Integrated TDController: Features a built-in TDController for precise crossover, sensed amplifier control, and system equalization optimized for the PS10 and LS500.
  3. VCEQ Protection: Utilizes Voltage Controlled Equalizers (VCEQs) for dynamic protection, monitoring voice coil temperature and diaphragm displacement, reducing levels as needed.
  4. Flexible Configuration: Offers two inputs (L and R) and three outputs (L, R, and summed LSub out) with an automatic configuration switch for 2 or 3 channel modes.
  5. Easy Installation: Minimizes installation complexity and cost, making it a practical choice for various audio setups.

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