Technics SL-1200 Mk2 Turntable


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The Technics SL-1200 Mk2 Turntable is a legendary and iconic piece of audio equipment that has set the standard for DJ turntables. Known for its exceptional build quality and precise performance, the SL-1200 Mk2 offers a range of features that have made it a favorite among DJs and vinyl enthusiasts worldwide.


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  1. High-Quality Direct Drive: The SL-1200 Mk2 utilizes a direct-drive motor system, providing excellent torque and rotational stability for precise and reliable playback.
  2. Quartz Lock Pitch Control: The turntable features a quartz-controlled pitch adjustment with a range of ±8%, allowing DJs to seamlessly mix tracks with precise speed control.
  3. Durable Construction: Constructed with a heavy-duty chassis and a robust tonearm, the SL-1200 Mk2 is built to withstand the rigors of professional DJing and offers exceptional durability.
  4. Anti-Skate and Height Adjustment: The turntable is equipped with an anti-skate mechanism to prevent unwanted skipping or distortion, along with a height-adjustable tonearm for optimal tracking performance.
  5. Removable Dust Cover: The SL-1200 Mk2 comes with a removable dust cover, providing protection for the turntable and vinyl records from dust and debris when not in use.

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