CFC 20 featured at the Sydney Sport Centre, Homebush. Showtime Productions was a key feature in the success of the show. Sound was impressive as the room shook from the vibration of 12 RCF subs blasted from underneath the ring, accompanied by the mid/high RCF Line Array hanging above.

Arian Yeganeh, Project Manager for CFC was quick to note: “The RCF’s can perform an array of tasks, have clear quality output and are easy to setup & configure… The RCF TT+ High Definition Touring Line Array provides us with true high definition audio quality solutions with the very latest technology plus new generation Class D digital active amps and ‘DSP’ [Digital Sound Processing]…”

The lighting provided by Showtime; as fighters walked across the stage they were lit by a circle of 16 Mac101s and an array of sun strips till they arrived at the ring which emitted the light from a mass of Robert Juliet RJ2Ks and Chauvet Legends 412s. Arian Yeganeh said “The show was a definite success,” using the following equipment:

– RCF Line Array – A&H GLD – 24 X Legend 412’s – 16 x Mac 101s – Martin M1 – Plenty of truss – Plenty of cable

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